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Message from Director

The Department of Information Technology (DIT) was established in 1st Aswin, 2065 and will assist in fulfilling IOM’s main goal which is to excel in Medical Education, Service and Research. In support of the Institute of Medicine’s mission, the Information Technology Department promotes, develops delivers and facilitates the use of information technology services and resources in IOM. IOM being a premier institute has lots of data, research and to keep up with the advances in medicine, there was a great need for its own information technology center. In this age of Global Village, the need to excel in one’s own objectives is assisted only by information technology.

DIT helps all the faculties and staffs of IOM who are interested in all matters of medical information. It provides services like Faculty room which is also a business center with all IT facilities, It is soon preparing a video conferencing room. In one year’s time, IT has provided cheap and fast internet connection to all the departments, wireless internet service in IOM compound, free internet service in the library, etc.

IOM Department is updating the IOM/TUTH web page and has brought out a new E-BULLETIN which

will be updated once every two months and will contain news, views and programs of the departments.

It can also be used as a forum for discussion among doctors.